• November 22, 2021
  • The right approach

We have become used to of blaming others for our problems and everything in our life we aspire but are unable to get. We have access to quality education, healthcare, drinking water, food, hygiene and proper clothes, etc. But we fail to recognize that there are millions of people across the world who are deprived of even the basic necessities to run lives. So, we need to be thankful for whatever we have received and think that once our attitude is right everything in life will be right.

Another aspect I would like to mention is our response to things happening to us. We should not react to the occurrences and the situation but rather respond. We have pre-conceived notions for generally everything that makes our mindset. With anything occurring, we react according to the pre-conceived notions. This may result in wrong reactions, arguments, confrontation and hatred etc. We need to understand one thing that if we are getting some action for first time or that is not very usual, then there must be some reason behind it. It will be better that we analyze the scenario patiently, try to find out the reason and then respond to the problem. We also need to have faith that nobody wants to harm us if we have not done bad to anyone. Reactions are always instinctive whereas responses are always well thought of. Many a times people will realize that their response is not required at all. The action just came, and it may pass by without any harm. This will help us to save relationships. We need to have empathy and patience. 
No one can make us feel inferior without our consent. It is not what happens to us that hurts us. It is our response that hurts us. We should be excellent at our works no matter what work we do. It is because, the goal is always ours and so is the happiness.

Source: Liberty of HR Thoughts