How do I register my account?

Click the Register Now button at the homepage. There emerges a registration dialogue box. Select the register type ‘Register as Employer’. Enter your organization name, location, select industry type, office contact number, official email id, password and confirm password including contact person’s name, designation and contact number. Click on ‘Create Account’ button to register. You will receive confirmation email to activate your account in the email address you have entered. Click on the link to verify.

How do I post a job vacancy?

Log in to your account with your registered email and password. Go to Dashboard and update your company profile with information required. Once your profile is updated, click on ‘Post a new job’ available on the top side of homepage. Fill up the information about the job vacancy you want to post with its proper job specification and job description. You can filter the applicants by using our vacancy setting option as you prefer. Add extra information if required and set autoresponder for automatic responses to the applicants. Publish job by selecting packages of your wish with the purchased packages or click on ‘Buy Now’ button to process to purchase packages.

How can I purchase packages to post jobs?

Go to Packages and select ‘Available Package’. Choose the appropriate package, select quantity and display days and click on ‘Buy Now’. There you find the summary of your price, click on ‘Check Out’ button. The billing details will pop out with your company name and company email id. Choose your ‘Payment Method’ Esewa/ Khalti/ Bank Deposit and click on ‘Proceed Now’ button for payment procedure. There you can fill the credentials of your account to pay. If you choose Bank Deposit, a dialogue box emerges where you need to fill your bank name, voucher / cheque number, attach the scanned voucher picture, mention remarks if any and select pay now.

How do I know if my posted job has been successfully activated?

You get confirmation email at your email address and also get a notification of activation of job at your dashboard. You can also view it in ‘Job posting’ section’s Active jobs.

Is there any contract involved?

No. There is no contract involved during the job postings. The jobs will be automatically posted after you purchase packages (online or offline) and post jobs of your wish. However, you are required to read and accept our Terms and conditions during the process.

How do I edit my active job post?

To edit your job post, sign in to your account and click on Job Postings. Click on Active jobs and select the job position that you want to edit. There you find action section where you can choose edit button to change the information you posted. Except for the job title and job post available package, you can edit the information you want.

How do I track information about the applicants of posted job?

To know the information about the applicants, go to your Dashboard, click on Job Postings and go to Active jobs. You can view the number of applicants popped out in the title of job position. Furthermore, you get notification on your dashboard about the applicants applying for the position. To find all applicants’ list, go to action section and click on icon of people to view the list of applicants with their basic information. You can Download CV or View Profile of applicants. You can download the whole applicants list in excel sheet also.

How do I notify applicants about the selection process?

Go to your Job Postings, select active jobs and click on applicant’s action list. There you find the list of applicants, view their profile and if you find him/her right for the position, you can tag them with screened, shortlisted, interviewed, selected or rejected option. Just clicking on the tags, they will get notification email to the applicants for the applied position.

What is the charge for posting jobs at

The price for posting jobs in is varied depending upon type of packages, schemes, number of days and quantity of purchase. You can get the detail information about packages by clicking on homepage menu bar ‘Packages’. You can also view details of packages from our services section and if you are logged in employers’ section, you can view the details from the menu ‘Packages’.