• November 03, 2021
  • Agile Environment

We learn to lead by leading, and not because we were bestowed the job title of a leader. Leaders need to rethink how they should be leading. They need to master the ability to increase human effectiveness. The legacy of leaders should be to develop many more effective leaders. It is uncomfortable to experience a disrespectful and rude leader. They seem to take pleasure in insulting and ridiculing their juniors, in front of their entire team. Such insensitive ‘leaders’ make the work environment very toxic. Having to work in such a poisonous environment can be very frustrating. A positive way to respond in such poisonous surroundings is to show empathy, warmth and compassion to our affected colleagues.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, HR and the direct managers in many organizations have been very swift and ruthless in conducting layoffs over the phone, or in the company auditorium. Most of those who have been retained are performing at half of their potential, just to keep their jobs. Hopefully, most senior leaders promote their team members on the basis of performance results. But many leaders do not have the ability to determine the readiness of their so-called talent. It is a matter of question if these organizations genuinely know how to retain and coach their talent.
“How was your weekend?” “Oh, it was a working weekend.”  “Really?”  “Every single weekend is a working weekend for you?” “And working from home must also have become a non-stop fifteen hours job!” “And you really think your manager believes you!” Who is kidding whom? We continue to remain parasites, justifying our jobs. Before Covid-19, at the workplace, we hated those endless meetings. Now we have fallen in love with our back to back online conference calls, while working from home. The only thing that remains the same is that the manager still speaks the most, and the calls are still uninspiring and boring.
Trust is a quality that you either have or you do not. When others trust you, they have confidence in your integrity, your character, your values, your ability to keep commitments, and your intent with people. The moment there is suspicion about your motives, everything you do becomes tarnished. Trust does not return until the person you have offended is convinced, that you have changed your behaviour. Genuine caring for others inspires the greatest trust. Do not pretend to care. People can spot a phony every time.
HR leaders must be effective listeners because they deal with people. Train yourself to concentrate fully while the other person is talking to you. Do not have the irritating habit of looking at your cell phone or interrupting someone while they are talking with you. Do others completely understand what you are saying, first time, every time? Next time, when you speak, check if you hear yourself jumping from one topic to another, before completing one thought. Many people love to listen to your own voice. Many people speak to impress, not express. Many managers talk far more than they have to. Concise speech is also a sign of clear thought and a calm mind.

Source: Liberty of HR Thoughts