Privacy Policy New

The server of Growth Sellers is of the industry standard and is powered by the most comprehensive software available for secure e-commerce transactions. We take your privacy seriously. Please read the following statements to learn more about our privacy policy: 

1. This Privacy Policy covers all your personal and identifiable information that we collect from you. When you register with Growth Sellers, we ask for your full name and email address. Once you register with us and sign in to our services, your information is held confidential.

2. Growth Sellers also automatically receives and records information on our server, and logs from your browser including your IP address and the page you requested.

3. Growth Sellers will not sell your personal and identifiable information. By the very nature of its operations, we establish, maintain, and operate several business links with many sponsors, to whom we sell services.

4. Growth Sellers deems its policy in this regard to be made clear. Users of our service should be made well aware of the risks that are inherent not only with us but on the Internet in general, which come as a result of using these links.

5. Growth Sellers absolutely has NO CONTROL over what others may do with your information.

6. Growth Sellers must necessarily decline any or all responsibilities in the event that your private information is violated by others. If you do not agree with this policy, you should not use the links that appear on our Jobsite.

7. Growth Sellers offers you the choice to edit your Account Information and preferences at any time.   

8. Growth Sellers account information is password-protected for your privacy and security.

9. We would not accept the personal and identifiable information of anyone under 14 to the best of our knowledge.