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Plant Head

Job Description

Job Duties:

1. Production Oversight:

o Manage and oversee the entire production process, including milling,

packaging, and quality control for flour, rice, and wheat flour products.

o Ensure the production process operates efficiently and meets production

targets while maintaining high-quality standards.

o Monitor production schedules and adjust as necessary to meet customer

demand and inventory requirements.

2. Resource Management:

o Efficiently allocate resources, including manpower, materials, and

equipment, to ensure smooth production operations while optimizing costs

and minimizing waste

3. Quality Control:

o Implement and maintain quality control procedures to ensure products meet

established standards and regulations.

o Conduct regular inspections and tests on raw materials, finished products,

and production equipment.

o Take corrective actions when deviations from quality standards are


4. Safety and Compliance:

o Ensure that the factory operates in compliance with all relevant safety,

health, and environmental regulations.

o Develop and enforce safety protocols and procedures for all factory


o Collaborate with regulatory agencies to obtain necessary permits and


5. Inventory Management:

o Oversee inventory levels of raw materials, packaging materials, and

finished products.

o Implement inventory control strategies to minimize waste and optimize storage space. o Coordinate with procurement and logistics teams to ensure a steady supply of raw materials.

6. Equipment Maintenance: o Schedule and supervise routine maintenance and repairs of production machinery and equipment. o Ensure that all equipment is in good working condition to prevent downtime and delays.

7. Team Leadership: o Lead, motivate, and mentor a team of production staff, including supervisors, operators, and technicians. o Foster a positive work environment, encouraging teamwork and continuous improvement.

8. Cost Control: o Manage production costs by optimizing resource utilization and minimizing waste. o Identify opportunities for cost reduction and implement cost-saving measures where applicable.

9. Production Planning and Reporting: o Develop production plans and forecasts in coordination with the management team. o Prepare regular reports on production performance, including efficiency, quality, and cost metrics. o Present production updates and recommendations to senior management.

10. Continuous Improvement: o Identify opportunities for process improvement and efficiency gains within the production process. o Implement lean manufacturing principles and best practices to enhance productivity.

11. Customer Satisfaction: o Collaborate with the sales and marketing teams to understand customer requirements and ensure product quality and availability meet customer expectations. o Address customer complaints and concerns promptly and effectively.

12. Environmental Sustainability: o Promote environmentally responsible practices within the factory, such as waste reduction and energy efficiency. o Seek opportunities to implement eco-friendly initiatives.

13. Emergency Response and Crisis Management: o Develop and implement emergency response plans to address potential factory crises, such as equipment failures or safety incidents. o Ensure the availability of first-aid resources and training for factory personnel.

14. Regulatory Compliance: o Stay updated on relevant industry regulations and ensure that the factory operations comply with local, national, and international standards.

15. Inventory Management: o Oversee inventory levels of raw materials, work-in-progress, and finished goods. Coordinate with the supply chain and procurement teams to ensure an uninterrupted flow of materials for production o Other necessary and imitate works as assigned by MD and Management


  • Organizational

Job Specification

Acd. Qual. Bachelor’s Degree in Business Admin or Management

Experience More than 7 to 10 years previous experience in a similar role and similar industry


· Legislative/legal acts of Nepal

· Experience in production of flour and Chiura

· Business operations and reporting management

· Accounts planning and correlation

· Organization of document circulation on bookkeeping processes

· Excellent verbal and written communication

· Organized and able to meet deadlines

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