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Key Account Executive

Job Description

1. Sending MIS to Key Account Customers:

- Prepare and send Management Information System (MIS) reports to key account customers.

- Ensure accurate and timely delivery of reports to provide essential insights and updates.


2. Tracking and Providing Updates to Customers:

- Track shipments and provide regular updates to customers regarding their consignments.

- Maintain effective communication to keep customers informed about the progress of their orders.


3. Follow-up for Old, New, and Duty Payments:

- Follow up on old, new, and duty payments with customers.

- Ensure timely collection and resolution of payment-related matters to maintain financial stability.


4. Attending Walk-in Customers:

- Provide assistance and support to walk-in customers at the office premises.

- Address their queries, provide information, and facilitate their requirements.


5. Listening to Customer Issues and Resolution:

- Listen attentively to customer issues and concerns.

- Collaborate with the relevant departments, individuals, or branches to discuss and resolve customer issues promptly.


6. Working on NBD/Lost/Existing Customers:

- Focus on New Business Development (NBD), Lost Customers, and Existing Customers.

- Provide competitive rates, make efforts to regain lost customers, and explore opportunities for new business.


7. Telephonic Discussions with Old, New, and Existing Clients:

- Engage in telephonic discussions with old, new, and existing clients.

- Address their queries, provide information, and maintain strong relationships through effective communication.


All other relevant work as assigned by the Reporting Manager or the Management from time to time.


  • Communication

Job Specification

Two wheeler is mandatory

Candidates should graduate and have min 3 years of exp.

Only female candidate


    Are you willing to travel outside your residing location during the job?

    Are you willing to temporarily relocate outside of your residing location during the job period?

    Do you have two-wheeler riding license?

    Do you own two-wheeler vehicle?

    Do you have four-wheeler riding license?

    Do you own four-wheeler vehicle?

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