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Head of Nurse

Job Description

Nursing Matron is responsible for planning organisation and development of nursing services in the hospital in consultation with the Hospital Director. 
She will be responsible and overall In-charge of Nursing Services in a hospital or specialized centres irrespective of the number of beds.(OPD, Wards, ICU, OT, Day Care Units) She will be responsible to the Hospital Director of the hospital or centre as the case may be. 

  • She will be responsible for implementing hospital/centre policies amongst various nursing units. 
  • She will assist the HD & management in formulation of hospital policy, particularly concerning nursing services.  
  • She will recommend personnel and material requirement for nursing various nursing service departments of the hospital. 
  • She will assist HD, HR & Nursing incharge in recruiting nursing staff. 
  • She will carry out regular rounds of the hospital. 
  • She will accompany HD and other doctors while making hospital rounds. 
  • She will ensure safe and efficient care rendered to patients in various wards etc. 
  • She will prepare budgets for nursing services. 
  • She will be a member of various condemnation boards for linen and other hospital stores. 
  • She will be responsible for counseling and guidance of sub-ordinate staff.   
  • She will attend hospital/intra hospital meetings and conferences. 
  • She will investigate all complaints regarding nursing care and personnel, and take suitable corrective action. 
  • She will initiate and encourage research in nursing services. 
  • She will evaluate confidential reports of her sub-ordinate staff and recommend for promotion, higher studies etc. 
  • She will maintain cordial relations with patients and Medical Social  workers. 
  • She will periodically interact with clinical heads to discuss problems in patient care. 
  • She will educate nursing staff of all categories by conducting awareness programme on universal Precautions.


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